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We're in the midst of another school year.
Jen is teaching Algebra IB, Calculus I and AP Chemistry.
Larry is teaching Concepts of Physics, Physics I Honors and AP Physics.

See us on : Larry | Jen

Our Zoo
We now take care of two veiled chameleons, three cats, three tree frogs and about forty aquariums with various forms of freshwater and sea life.
Visit our virtual zoo.

Our new reef

Larry's Feature Film Acting Debut

Photo album from our recent trips

Our Wedding Web Page | Our home

Jen and I have been collecting bikes. See our stable of steeds.

Larry rode a Rans Rocket recumbent from coast to coast following the TransAmerica bicycle route during the summer of 2002. He raised money for a science education scholarship at Lock Haven University and used the ride to develop the DiscoveryRide web site which features science learning activities related to the ride.

Character isn't defined by the chances you take, but by how you make use of the chances you get.